Outsider Pokemon

An Outsider is any pokemon which a trainer did not capture and raise himself. This may include pokemon obtained from a trade with another trainer, pokemon purchased from shops (some stores in Varisia sell pre-trained pokemon as pets, and many stables hire out ponytas or mudbrays as mounts), a pokemon that has been fused with a pokemon belonging to another trainer, or a stolen pokemon.

When used in a battle, outsider Pokémon may disobey the player if the player does not have the appropriate number of Gym Badges. A disobedient Pokémon may use a different move, do nothing, hurt itself, or even take a nap (putting itself to sleep). Outsider Pokémon also grow faster than other Pokémon. Outsider Pokémon gain 1.5 times the normal experience points for participating in battles.

Disobedience: In any battle where an Outsider pokemon would be able to earn experience, if the Outsider’s level is greater than the trainer’s maximum controllable level (as determined by his number of gym badges), the player must roll 1d20 + 1 for every 5 full levels of the outsider over his maximum controllable level (max +20 for a 1st-level trainer using a level 100 outsider) each turn. The result is compared to the chart below to determine the Outsider’s actions:

Roll Outsider does:
1-10 The outsider follows the trainer’s orders and acts normally.
11-15 The outsider uses a random move (roll 1d4), against the target.
16-20 The outsider does nothing.
21-25 The outsider takes a nap (inflicting the Sleep status on itself).
26-30 The outsider harms itself (as per the Confusion status).
31-35 The outsider returns to its pokeball and refuses to come out for 24 hours.
36+ The outsider attacks its trainer with a random move (roll 1d4).


Outsider Pokemon

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