A robot without a power source, Hunkajunk can barely move. Silph Co has recently started mass-producing these artificial pokemon to fill a variety of household needs. It can evolve into a number of different forms when powered up with the correct CONSOLE.

Pokemon Name Species Gender Type Ability Hidden Ability Catch Rate
The Powerless Pokémon Genderless Steel Simple Stall 90
LEVEL EXPERIENCE Next Level Rate Base Friendship Base XP Yield Held Item
1 0 0 Erratic 0 36
Height Weight EV Yield Egg Group Hatch Rate
2 ft. 0 in. 55.1 lbs 1 HP Mineral 5140 steps

Evolution: Hunkajunk evolves into Furnatron when given the Thermostat Console.
Hunkajunk evolves into Elastron when given the Shock Absorber Console.
Hunkajunk evolves into Electron when given the Battery Console.
Hunkajunk evolves into Acoustron when given the Speaker Console.
Hunkajunk evolves into Cryotron when given the Cooling Grill Console.
Hunkajunk evolves into Luminatron when given the Light Switch Console.
Hunkajunk evolves into Magnetron when given the Magnet Console.
Hunkajunk evolves into Gravitron when given the Weight Console.

Hit Points Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
BASE 30 30 30 30 30 30

Type Effectiveness:

Type Resistance Type Resistance Type Resistance
Bug ½x Fighting 2x Normal ½x
Dark ½x Flying ½x Poison 0x
Dragon ½x Ghost ½x Psychic ½x
Electric 1x Grass ½x Rock ½x
Fairy ½x Ground 2x Steel ½x
Fire 2x Ice ½x Water 1x
Candy 2x

Learnset by Leveling Up:

Level Moves Learned Type Category
1 Tackle Normal Physical
100 Technoblast Normal Special
Learnset by TM Type Category
Learnset by Tutoring Type Category
Learnset by Breeding Type Category


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