Furnatrons can be found lurking in the basements of many modern homes, providing heat for the inhabitants. Children find these pokemon terrifying.

Pokemon Name Species Gender Type Ability Hidden Ability Catch Rate
The Thermal Pokémon Genderless Steel / Fire Flame Body Heatproof 30
LEVEL EXPERIENCE Next Level Rate Base Friendship Base XP Yield Held Item
1 0 0 Erratic 0 158
Height Weight EV Yield Egg Group Hatch Rate
2 ft. 10 in. 220.4 lbs 2 SpAtt Mineral 5140 steps

Evolution: Evolves from Hunkajunk when given the Thermostat Console.

Hit Points Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
BASE 70 80 90 100 70 40

Type Effectiveness:

Type Resistance Type Resistance Type Resistance
Bug ¼x Fighting 2x Normal ½x
Dark ½x Flying ½x Poison 0x
Dragon ½x Ghost ½x Psychic ½x
Electric 1x Grass ¼x Rock 1x
Fairy ¼x Ground 4x Steel ¼x
Fire 1x Ice ¼x Water 2x
Candy 4x

Learnset by Leveling Up:

Level Moves Learned Type Category
1 Ember Fire Special
Evo. Ember Fire Special
10 Smokescreen Normal Status
20 Incinerate Fire Special
30 Will-o-Wisp Fire Status
40 Heat Wave Fire Special
50 Iron Defense Steel Status
60 Fling Dark Physical
70 Inferno Fire Special
80 Metal Burst Steel Physical
90 Overheat Fire Special
Learnset by TM Type Category
Charge Beam Electric Special
Curse Ghost Status
Double Team Normal Status
Energy Ball Grass Special
Flamethrower Fire Special
Fling Dark Physical
Fire Blast Fire Special
Hidden Power Normal Special
Hyper Beam Normal Special
Incinerate Fire Special
Overheat Fire Special
Protect Normal Status
Scald Water Special
Take Down Normal Physical
Zap Cannon Electric Status
Will-o-Wisp Fire Status
Learnset by Tutoring Type Category

Learnset by Breeding Type Category


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