Eldritch Tamers Go!

Playtest 3 - Session 1

Session 1:
The Swellowtail festival opened with a bang. Five young trainers Petra and Li Bosko (our PCs), along with Jerem, Kiriban, and Tina (NPCs) were recognized for their completion of the Pokemon Licensure exam, being presented with their handler’s licenses and starter pokemon.

Petra, being the daughter of Nurse Joy, was presented with a very special Shiny Eevee in a cherish ball by her mother. Li and the others, lacking such connections, chose his starter from the racks presented by Professor Yew. Li chose the rare Candy and Grass type Cuberry, and was surprised to learn that it had been bred to know the powerful move Thrash.

After the presentation of starters, Nurse Joy and the local breeders released a cloud of bred and re-habilitated wild Taillows into the town. Each trainer (new and old alike) were informed that they could catch one Taillow as part of the festivities (the rest were being released into the wild). Petra’s Eevee used Yawn on the nearest one, allowing for an easy catch.

Li struck out into the town, following the flock, hoping to find a Shiny. After three hours of chasing Taillows around town, searching high and low, he spotted a shiny one perched on the eaves of the old glassworks.

“Cuberry Thrash!”

And just like that it was a dead, shiny taillow. Li gathered some twigs and burned the body, then spent another two hours searching for another shiny. As evening approached, and having skipped lunch, he gave up and went after the nearest taillow he could find. This too ended up dead, torn asunder by a pair of lucky scratch attacks from Cuberry.

As he walked back to the Pokemon Center, the fireworks began. As did the chaos. The sounds of fireworks quickly blended with the sounds of screeching, terrified birds and screaming festival-goers, as dozens of wild purrloins erupted onto the streets — grabbing at taillows and purses with equal fervor.

Li spotted a lone lillipup hiding under a wagon, with three shadowy pokemon bearing down on it. He dove, scooped up the puppy pokemon, and ran for the Pokemon Center with a trio of Sneasels slashing viciously at his back. Luckily his armor kept off the worst of their blows, though he did not escape unscathed. As he neared the PC, he turned kicked the lead Sneasel square in the nose, and dove through the door that Petra held open for him.

Li let the lillipup out of his coat and was about to coax it into a pokeball when he noticed it already had a collar and tags indicating that it belonged to someone named Aldern.

Outside, the town was in a panic. Nurse Joy quickly healed Li and Petra’s pokemon while the two of them watched out the front door. Strait up the road Petra spotted a man in a dark suit release several pig-like pokemon from steel cages. The pigs, four of them, charged up the street, breathing fire and igniting a house not far from the PC. The sneasels, meanwhile, had peeled off to harass some townsfolk down the left-hand road.

With their Pokemon healed, Li and Petra ran out the door. Li immediately peeled off to deal with the quartet of tepigs that were setting the town alight. He sent out Cuberry and commanded it to use Thrash! He then high-tailed it for the town water-tower. Li climbed the water tower, and, lacking any better ideas for how to douse the tepig’s flames, began sawing through the side of the wooden reservoir with his apricorn knife.

Out the door, Petra looked around for held and spotted Officer Jenny. She ran up to Jenny and pointed out the dark man running up the street. Soon the two of them were in hot pursuit.

Cuberry, meanwhile, had thoroughly thrashed two of the tepig, and wounded a third, but not without being seriously injured. Confused and without its trainer, it looked like this might be the end for it, as it faced off against the last two tepig. Li, however, had just finish sawing, his small knife dealing just enough damage that the water-pressure in the tower was able to blast a huge hole in the side, spraying all the nearby houses with water, and sending Li himself flying.

Li crashed onto the roof of a nearby house, rolled off, and landed right next to Cuberry and the Tepigs. “Cuberry, return!” he shouted. The tepigs began to flee from the growing torrent of water blasting out of the tower, but not before Li managed to catch the wounded one in a pokeball. He then began limping, battered and drenched, back towards the pokemon center.

Petra and Officer Jenny continued to chase the dark-suited man. Rounding a corner, they saw a young man hiding in a rain barrel as four poochyenas snapped at him. “Help him, I’ll get the saboteur!” Jenny yelled to Petra.

Petra skidded to a stop and sent out Eevee. While the poochyenas were still distracted attacking the man in the barrel, Eevee put one to sleep with Yawn, then got the others attention with a Tail Whip. Weakened as they were by its tail whip, eevee was able to quickly tackle and KO two of the poochyenas before the third managed to land a serious blow. This last one, though, was just as quickly snagged in a pokeball by Petra.

Petra left the fourth poochyena dozing by the side of the road as she helped the man out of the rain barrel. Just then Officer Jenny returned, panting, to announce that the man in the dark suit had gotten away. Petra and Jenny helped the man, Aldern, back to the PC where he was overjoyed to be reunited with his Lillipup.


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