The latest advancement in Eldritch Taming, the Pokédex is a magical encyclopedia created by Sandpoint’s own Professor Oak as an invaluable tool to the Tamers of the world.

The Pokédex serves two functions. First, it shares information about all Eldritch Beasts in a region. Any Eldritch Beast caught by a Tamer in possession of a Pokédex has an entry recorded for it, detailing the base form and spirit of the beast, its common powers, and a two to three sentence summary of its habits, activities, and nature. Once recorded, an entry for the beast appears in every Pokédex within the region. Professor Oak regularly gives copies of the Pokédex to young tamers from Sandpoint to aid him in researching the eldritch beasts of Varisia.

The second function of the Pokédex is the one considered most useful by most Tamers. The Pokédex serves as a kind of spellbook for the Tamer’s, allowing him to capture any number of Eldritch Beasts using his Poké Balls, rather than a mere six (exceeding both the natural limits imposed by the balls and the limits imposed by his own Charisma).

Each Poké Ball crafted or purchased by the Tamer may be attuned to his Pokédex. This attunement is included in the time to craft a ball, or takes 10 minutes for a purchased ball. Once attuned, any Eldritch Beast caught in that Poké Ball will be recorded in the Pokédex. When a seventh or greater beast is caught in an attuned Poké Ball, the ball immediately vanishes, as normal, but instead of being lost in the Astral Plane, it instead becomes stored in an extradimensional space within the book.

A Tamer with more than six eldritch beasts can spend an hour studying his Pokédex to trade one of his six active beasts for one stored in the book. The mystical energies required to negotiate the transfer between the Tamer’s active Poké Balls and the beasts stored in the Pokédex is such that the exchange can only be attempted once in any twenty-four hour period.



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