Poké Ball


A Poké Ball is an item critical to a Tamer’s quest, used for catching and storing Eldritch Beasts. Both a general term used to describe the various kinds as well as a specific term to refer to the most basic among these variations, Poké Balls are ubiquitous in modern Golarion.

Eldritch Tamers everywhere have long known rituals for binding a captured Edritch Beast to their service, but such rituals are long and complex (sometimes lasting a half-hour or more) and require the beast to be incapacitated, often meaning significant harm to the captured creature. A Poké Ball greatly improves the process of capturing an eldritch beast, in both time and harm to the creature. An Eldritch Beast tamed by using a Poké Ball is sometimes referred to derogatorily as a “Pokémon” by more traditional tamers.

In principle, to tame a beast using a Poké Ball, the Eldritch Tamer need only throw the ball, though this is not always automatically successful. The Catch Rate can be greatly improved by weakening the pokemon or be afflicting it with status effects such as Sleep or Paralysis. See Catch Rates for detailed calculations.

Poké Ball Limitations

In addition to the ease and speed of use, Poké Balls have another major difference from traditional taming. Whereas a standard Eldritch Tamer can keep a number of bound beasts up to 3 + his Charisma modifier, Poké Balls allow a tamer to keep exactly six beasts (regardless of his Charisma score). If more than six beasts are tamed using Poké Balls the seventh, and all subsequent Poké Balls, simply vanish into the Astral Plane, never to be recovered. Combined with a Pokedex, Poké Balls allow the Eldritch Tamer to keep a potentially limitless number of bound creatures, though still no more than six at one time.

Another limitation of Poké Balls is that, even with the aid of a Pokédex, a given tamer may not capture more than one creature of a given species. If an Eldritch Tamer attempts to use a Poké Ball to catch a second beast of a given species (for example if he had previously caught a Dratini (tiny dragon), and attempts to catch another) the ball is instantly destroyed, as if he had missed his attack. The Repeat Ball is specifically designed by the Pokémon Masters to bypass this limitation.

Crafting Poké Ball

The Poké Ball was invented in ancient Thassilon, by the tyrannical rulers of that land — the so-called “Pokémon Masters”. Poké Balls are created from the tough-skinned fruit of the Apricorn tree. The Apricorn fruit are cut in half, hallowed out, and fitted with a special device that allows them to catch wild eldritch beasts.

Wild Apricorns come in several varieties, each useful for making different kinds of Poké Balls (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, White, and Black), and some varieties of balls require more than one kind of Apricorn as the base material. Because of the fragile nature of Apricorn trees, which may die if too many Apricorns are picked at once or before they are mature enough, Poké Ball production is highly limited. Only one Apricorn may be picked per tree per day, in order to prevent harm to it (though unscrupulous tamers willing to kill the tree could easily take many Apricorns).

Crafting a Poké Ball can only be done using the Craft – Pokeballs skill.



Poké Ball

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