• Leafeon
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  • Soothe Bell (worn by Leafeon)
  • 3 Pokeball
  • 3 Rocket Balls
  • 1 Potions
  • Big Mushroom
  • Lunch
  • 1818 ₽


  • Shining Badge: Pokemon up to L20 will obey. +10% Electric attacks. +10% Electric catch chance.

Silas-Cooltrainer.JPGSilas and his sister Petra grew up in the town of Sandpoint. Their mother, Nurse Joy, ran the local Pokemon Center and their father, Nicholai, is designs and sews costumes for both humans and Pokemon (especially knit pikachu hats).

As a child, Silas was an extremely empathetic young man and a good listener, making him well-liked and a sought-after confidant by his peers. When not playing with Petra, he spent a lot of time with the older kids and grown ups playing games.

Growing up, Silas was a favorite student of Professor Oak, a famous pokemon researcher who lives in Sandpoint. Silas would often hang out with the Professor, learning everything he could about Pokemon and Pokemon battling.

Last year, shortly after receiving his first pokemon, Machop, a drought struck the village. Silas saved the day by having Machop perform a Rain Dance to restore the drought-stricken crops. The local farmers were so pleased that they awarded Silas with a special jacket — dark blue with long tails like a Swellow (the town’s mascot pokemon) — and a Flag to show that he has the town’s support during pokemon competitions.

Silas’s childhood friend, James, recently disappeared, leaving Silas a note that he had run off to join the infamous criminal gang, “Team Rocket”! Silas has not told anyone yet, worried that if they find out his friend is a member of Team Rocket, everyone might think that he’s a criminal too…


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