Officer Jenny (Sandpoint)


Officer Jenny is the head of Sandpoint’s law enforcement, and a member of the ’Jenny’s’ (a distributed network of elite crime investigators based out of the city of Riddleport). She heads a small unit of non-Jenny deputies who are able to deal with most situations that arise in Sandpoint, although she occasionally has to call in additional help (such as from the Pokemon Ranger Shalelu) for more significant crimes.

Officer Jenny’s real name is Meghan, though the respectful people of Sandpoint town refer to her only by her title1. Meghan lives with her husband, Brock, one of the regions more prominent Pokemon Breeders.

Pokemon on Hand: Jenny keeps a good variety of pokemon on hand to aid with her police work. She is known to own (at least) Growlithe, Stunky, Swanna, Luxio, Gumshoes, and Gastly. Her Gastly prefers not to travel in a pokeball and can often be seen following Office Jenny around on her patrols. It is said to be able to stop fleeing criminals in their tracks with a single Mean Look.

1 Yes “Officer Jenny” is a Profession, not a name.


Officer Jenny (Sandpoint)

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