Black Belt Johnny


Considered an eccentric around Sandpoint Town, Johnny is obsessed with having the very strongest pokemon possible. He seldom catches just one of a species, but collects dozens and carefully compares them to select the strongest one possible, then trains them rigorously. His goal is to become the Champion of the Varisia League and he will let nothing stand in his way.

Because of his tendency to collect pokemon en-masse, Johnny has a fairly antagonistic relationship with Shalelu and other Pokemon Rangers, but local Pokeball re-sellers consider him a walking gold-mine. He can often be found wandering the areas around Sandpoint town hunting for ever-stronger Pokemon to add to his team, or else training. He will not hesitate to challenge any trainer that passes his way.

As a Black Belt, Johnny sometimes offers his services as a Move Tutor. He is able to teach the moves Detect and Low Kick.

Pokemon on Hand: Meditite, Pidgey
Pokemon in Storage: Hundreds of Pidgeys


Black Belt Johnny

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