The largest and most powerful of all “Glitchmon”, ♀ is a terrifying colossus towering over 80 feet in height. A true apex predator of the Glitch-verse, it’s cry is a terrifying song that breaks time and space.


Egg Group Species Gender Ratio Type Evolution Ability Hidden Ability
Undiscovered The 4H Pokemon 100% Female Normal Does not evolve. Cacophony
Catch Rate Height Weight Leveling Rate Base Friendship EV Yield Base XP Yield
140 80 ft. 3 in. 6099 lbs Fast 0 1 HP, 1 Attack, 1 Speed 255
Hit Points Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed Total
BASE 134 139 132 80 80 145 710

Ability Effects: Cacophony prevents all effects from sound-based moves as long as the pokemon is on the field.

Learnset by Leveling

Level Move Type Category
1 Spike Cannon Normal Physical
1 Waterfall Water Physical
1 Dream Eater Psychic Special
1 Constrict Normal Physical
1 Roar Normal Status
2 Supersonic Normal Status
3 Ember Fire Special
4 Petal Dance Grass Special
6 Hyper Beam Normal Special
9 Overheat Fire Special
10 Payday Normal Physical
11 Torment Dark Status
12 Super Glitch ??? ???
15 Psychic Psychic Special
19 False Swipe Normal Physical
23 Super Glitch ??? ???
24 Thunderpunch Electric Physical
25 Wrap Normal Physical
29 Tackle Normal Physical
30 Super Glitch ??? ???
32 Scratch Normal Physical
33 Return Normal Physical
38 Absorb Grass Special
40 Stomp Normal Physical
42 Mimic Normal Status
56 Twin Needle Bug Physical
59 Double Kick Fighting Physical
61 Hypnosis Psychic Status
70 Rain Dance Water Status
71 Calm Mind Psychic Status
82 Hydro Pump Water Special
100 Horn Drill Normal Physical

Learnset by TM

Move Type Category
Blizzard Ice Special
Body Slam Normal Physical
Bubblebeam Water Special
Bullet Seed Grass Physical
Calm Mind Psychic Status
Counter Fighting Physical
Curse Ghost Status
Dragon Claw Dragon Physical
Dream Eater Psychic Special
False Swipe Normal Physical
Fire Blast Fire Special
Fissure Ground Physical
Fly Flying Physical
Hail Ice Status
Headbutt Normal Physical
Horn Drill Normal Physical
Hyper Beam Normal Special
Ice Beam Ice Special
Mega Drain Grass Special
Mega Kick Normal Physical
Mega Punch Normal Physical
Mimic Normal Status
Nightmare Ghost Status
Overheat Fire Special
Psychic Psychic Special
Psych Up Normal Status
Psyshock Psychic Special
Rain Dance Water Status
Razor Wind Normal Special
Reflect Psychic Status
Rest Psychic Status
Return Normal Physical
Roar Normal Status
Rock Slide Rock Physical
Rollout Rock Physical
Skull Bash Normal Physical
Softboiled Normal Status
Submission Fighting Physical
Substitute Normal Status
Sunny Day Fire Status
Sword’s Dance Normal Status
Take Down Normal Physical
Thunder Electric Special
Thunderbolt Electric Special
Thunderpunch Electric Physical
Torment Dark Status
Venoshock Poison Special
Water Pulse Water Special
Whirlwind Normal Status
Zap Cannon Electric Special

Type Effectiveness:

Type Resistance Type Resistance Type Resistance
Bug 1x Fighting 2x Normal 1x
Dark 1x Flying 1x Poison 1x
Dragon 1x Ghost 0x Psychic 1x
Electric 1x Grass 1x Rock 1x
Fairy 1x Ground 1x Steel 1x
Fire 1x Ice 1x Water 1x


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