Eldritch Tamers Go!

Part 4: Thistletop

Thistletop is a Team Rocket base

  • C1: Hidden Entrance
  • C2: Thistle Tunnels
  • C3: Howling Hole
  • C4: Refugee Nest
  • C5: Goblin Dog Kennel
  • C6: Tangletooth’s Den
  • C7: Gogmurt’s Lair
    • Encounter: Rocket Agent (4th-level tamer, “Litten” and “Ekans”)
    • Treasure: 6 Potions (will use if necessary), TM of “Mystical Fire” (Produce Flame), 2 Great Balls
      • If defeated he will tell the PCs that the “Bosses” took the stone into the base on the other side of the rope bridge and think they can use it to summon a really rare and powerful pokemon.
  • C8: Watchposts
  • C9: Rope Bridge
    • Trap: Rigged Rope Bridge
  • C10: Thistletop
    • Encounter: 4 Rocket Grunts (1st-level Tamers, each has one “Poochyena” and one “Zubat”)
  • C11: Trophy Hall
    • Treasure: 1 Pokeball
  • C12: Food Stores
    • Treasure: 8 Berries (as good-berry, heal 1 hp each)
  • C13: Pickle Thieves
    • Encounter: 2 wild “???” (level 1)
  • C14: Barracks
    • Encounter: 6 Rocket Grunts (1st-level Tamer, each has one “Zubat”)
  • C15: Eastern Guard Tower
    • Encounter: 2 Rocket Grunts (2nd-level Tamer, each has one “Poochyena”)
  • C16: Exercise Yard
    • Encounter: 4 wild “Poochyenas”
  • C17: Storage Shed
    • Encounter: 10 wild Buneary’s (in cages, can be caught automatically)
  • C18: Caged Horse
    • Encounter: 1 wild Ponyta (in cage, can be caught automatically)
  • C19: Throne Room
  • C20: Food Storage
  • C21: Armory
    • Treasure: 23 Pokeballs, 2 Rocket Balls
  • C22: Meeting Room
  • C23: Chieftain’s Room
    • Treasure: Key to room 24
  • C24: Treasure Room
    • Treasure: Pink Scarf (+2 Str for a pokemon), 2 Rocket Balls, 630 pokecoins
  • C25: Submerged Sea Cave
  • C26: Sea Cave
    • Encounter: 1 wild Gyarados (lvl 5)
    • Treasure: TM of Shield (“Harden”)
Part 3: Glass and Wrath

Old Glassworks Gym:

  • Against the Goblins: Gary Oak (3rd-level Tamer, 6 pokemon [above types]), Glass Badge
    • Treasure: PC who beats him gets the Glass Badge, the other gets his Eevee in a Cherish Ball. Plus a payout of 500 pokecoins
    • Tells them that the old Gym leader is gone, but that he saw two Team Rocket grunts running into tunnel in the gym’s basement

Catacombs of Wrath

  • B1: Guardcave
    • Encounter: Sinspawn (“Scrafty”)
  • B3: Welcoming Chamber
    • Treasure: The statue of Pokemon Master Alaznist holds a Great Ball
  • B4: Washing Pool
    • Encounter: Vargouille (“Zubat”)
  • B6: Ancient Prison
    • Encounter: 2 Sinspawn (“Scrafty”)
  • B8: Ancient Study
    • Treasure: a TM of “Flame Wheel” (flaming sphere) is in the rubble
  • B9: Prison Pits
    • Trap: 11 Zombie Pits (20-ft. pit, each contains a “Duskull”, will not come out)
    • Encounter: Rocket Grunt (2nd-level Tamer, 1 pokemon – “Croagunk”)
    • Treasure: If defeated, Rocket Grunt has 120 pokecoins and 2 Great Balls
  • B11: Meditation Chamber
    • Special: Everyone in room levitates. Lightning races along walls.
    • Treasure: TMs of “Ember” (burning hands) and “Thundershock” (shocking grasp), 1 Pokeball
  • B12: Shrine to Lamashtu
    • Treasure: Any pokemon drinking the water from the altar permanently loses 1 INT (minimum 1) and gains Dark as a second type. Pokemon that are already Dark type instead gain +1 CON and are fully healed.
  • B13: Cathedral of Wrath
    • Trap: Anyone entering runewell takes 2d6 cold damage and make Will save or be enraged
    • Encounter: Rocket Grunt – “James” (4th-level Trainer, “Sableye” and “Scrafty”, uses doubleteam)
    • Treasure: If defeated, Rocket Grunt has 90 pokecoins, 2 Dusk Balls, and 3 Super Potions (2d8+3)
    • News: Explains that he did steal the Odd Keystone, but already passed it off to his boss at their secret base at Thistletop, he will tell them how to get to the hidden entrance.
Part 2: Local Heroes

After dealing with the wild pokemon outbreak during the festival, their dad gives them:

  • each 35 pokecoins and 3 pokeballs

And Professor Oak gives them:

  • 1 Potion
  • 1 Thunderstone

Professor Oak also tells that that, during the confusion, someone, presumably Team Rocket, stole an “Odd Keystone” from the town graveyard. His grandson, Gary, ran off to investigate.

  • Local Heroes
    • The Shopkeeper’s Daughter: chance to catch “Rattatat” (no combat)
    • Boar Hunt: The old gentleman who was being chased by the Poochyena thanks them and gives them each 50 pokecoins, and asks if they would like to go on a “boar hunt” with him. Chance to catch “Swinub” (no combat)
    • Monster in the Closet: Gresgurt (“Sneasel”)
    • Grim News from Mosswood:
      • Goblin Tribes (Wild pokemon infestations)
        • Birdcruncher (“Totodile”)
        • Licktoad (“Croagunk”)
        • Seventooth (“Snubbull”)
        • Mosswood (“Turtwig”)
        • Thistletop (“Cacnea”)
    • The Missing Bartender:
Part 1: Festival and Fire

Encounter List: (and reskins)

  • Opening Ceremonies: chance to catch “Taillow” (no combat)
  • Goblins in the Streets! 30 goblins
    • Initial Assault: 3 Goblins (“Scraggy”)
    • Goblin Pyros: 4 Goblins Pyros (“Tepig”), 1 Goblin Warchanter (“Meowth”)
    • Die, Dog, Die!: Goblin Commando (“Pawniard”), Goblin Dog (“Poochyena”), 4 Goblins (“Scraggy”)
Welcome to your campaign!
They aren't all little and cute...

The coastal town of Sandpoint has faced few trials and
dangers over the course of its forty-two year history,
but unfortunately, that is all about to change.
Unknown to the town’s founders, they chose to build
their community over the ruins of an ancient
stronghold once used as laboratory and prison,
a place where horrific experiments and unholy
explorations into what divides man from monster
took place. These are the Catacombs of Wrath, one of
several such sites used by Pokémon Master Alaznist’s
apprentices during Thassilon’s height, a place where
arcanists explored and perfected the stolen arts
of lifeshaping and fleshwarping. When Thassilon fell,
these catacombs went dormant, but the one buried
under Sandpoint was not fated to stay that way.


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