Professor Yew


Professor Alexandra Yew is a Pokémon Professor who lives and works at her research lab in Sandpoint Town of the Varisia region. She specializes in paleontology and studying the history of Pokemon. Her lab is decorated with a large collection of Pokemon fossils.

As the head of the Sandpoint Lab, Professor Yew is technically responsible for administering the Pokemon Handler’s License examination and distributing starter pokemon to young trainers from Sandpoint Town and the surrounding environs. However, Professor Yew often spends weeks or even months away from Sandpoint, exploring and digging for fossil, leaving most of the lab’s public interactions to her assistant, Cherri.

Yew is generally curt and withdrawn, and it is no secret in town that Yew’s personal life is something of a mess. Her estranged husband, Joseph, lives in Magnimar and has sole custody of their daughter Aeolian. Aeolian turned 10 this year, and has likely set out on her own pokemon journey. Her twin sister Rina, also lives in Sandpoint town, and has two children (Anastasia and Alexei) who left on their own journey a couple years ago.

Pokemon on Hand: Rampardos, Yanmega, Mega Abomasnow, Armaldo
Pokemon in Storage: Relicanth, Skarmory, Lantern, Croagunk, Dustox, Treecko


Professor Yew

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