• Eevee
  • Pineco
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  • 6 Pokeballs
  • 7 Potions
  • Fishing Rod
  • Lunch
  • Bright Powder
  • 1609 ₽


  • Razor Badge: Pokemon up to L20 will obey. +10% Dark attacks. +10% Dark catch chance.

Petra and her big-brother Silas grew up in the town of Sandpoint. Their mother, Nurse Joy, ran the local Pokemon Center and their father, Nicholai, is designs and sews costumes for both humans and Pokemon (especially knit pikachu hats).

Even as a small child, Petra never met anyone who didn’t like her. She was a great help to her mother, Joy, always assisting with chores that needed to be done around the Pokemon Center while her brother was off listening to Professor Oak. A month ago, while tidying up for the upcoming Swellowtail Festival, she found an unclaimed egg someone had left at the Pokemon Center. When no one came to claim it, her mother said she could keep it to raise on her own…it is close to hatching.

While not the Ace that her brother is, Petra has learned quite a lot about pokemon herself. She and her Squirtle trained in the more practical aspects of pokemon battling under Lieutenant Surge, who mastered electric-type pokemon during the last war. Several months ago a group of thieves from Team Rocket snuck into Sandpoint, intent on mischief. Petra was the first to notice and shouted an alarm, rousing the other townsfolk to drive off the miscreants.

giphy.gifOne year ago today, during the last Swellowtail Festival, Petra entered her Squirtle in a pokemon tournament. Eager to show off what they’d learned from Leiutenant Surge, Squirtle accidentally killed her opponent’s pokemon in the first round, disqualifying her. Since then she has been working with Silas to learn restraint.


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