Yuji's Maglia

Pokemon Name Species Gender Type Nature Ability Ball
Kirlia / Magnemite Fusion Female Fairy / Steel Gentle Analytic Quick Ball
LEVEL EXPERIENCE Next Level Rate Friendship Held Item
23 9,216 10,208 Medium Slow 70
Hit Points Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
Current 53 28 31 45 40 33
BASE 32 35 53 80 55 48
IVs 20 27 22 11 20 20
EVs 15 6 11 9 28 29
Nature -10% +10%

Ability Effect: Increase power of attacks by 30% when acting last in the round.

Move Type Power Accuracy Special Effects Power Points
Draining Shot Fairy 57 (S) 92% Heal 33% damage dealt,
15% chance to lower Accuracy 1 stage
Heal Spark Electric 100% Paralyze target and Heals target 25% max hit points. 15
Sonic Leaf Grass Always hits. Flat 20 damage. 20
Thunder Voice Electric 20 Always hits. Paralyze target. 15
Type Resistance Type Resistance Type Resistance
Bug ¼x Fighting 1x Normal ½x
Dark ¼x Flying ½x Poison
Dragon Ghost ½x Psychic ½x
Electric 1x Grass ½x Rock ½x
Fairy ½x Ground 2x Steel 1x
Fire 2x Ice ½x Water 1x

Here is your official pokemon-league Shining Badge. Also, thank you for saving me from Team Rocket earlier. Hey, would you like to see an actual Fusion? Tell you what, I’m almost done with the upgrades to the pokemon trading machine. If you can beat my Maglia, then I will give you beta access to use the Fusion machine at the pokemon center.

Woh! You beat her. I’ll tell Nurse Joy to let you use the Fusion Machine prototype. Just remember, that once you have fused two pokemon, there is no way to un-fuse them…

Yuji's Maglia

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