Eldritch Tamers Go!

Part 4: Thistletop

Thistletop is a Team Rocket base

  • C1: Hidden Entrance
  • C2: Thistle Tunnels
  • C3: Howling Hole
  • C4: Refugee Nest
  • C5: Goblin Dog Kennel
  • C6: Tangletooth’s Den
  • C7: Gogmurt’s Lair
    • Encounter: Rocket Agent (4th-level tamer, “Litten” and “Ekans”)
    • Treasure: 6 Potions (will use if necessary), TM of “Mystical Fire” (Produce Flame), 2 Great Balls
      • If defeated he will tell the PCs that the “Bosses” took the stone into the base on the other side of the rope bridge and think they can use it to summon a really rare and powerful pokemon.
  • C8: Watchposts
  • C9: Rope Bridge
    • Trap: Rigged Rope Bridge
  • C10: Thistletop
    • Encounter: 4 Rocket Grunts (1st-level Tamers, each has one “Poochyena” and one “Zubat”)
  • C11: Trophy Hall
    • Treasure: 1 Pokeball
  • C12: Food Stores
    • Treasure: 8 Berries (as good-berry, heal 1 hp each)
  • C13: Pickle Thieves
    • Encounter: 2 wild “???” (level 1)
  • C14: Barracks
    • Encounter: 6 Rocket Grunts (1st-level Tamer, each has one “Zubat”)
  • C15: Eastern Guard Tower
    • Encounter: 2 Rocket Grunts (2nd-level Tamer, each has one “Poochyena”)
  • C16: Exercise Yard
    • Encounter: 4 wild “Poochyenas”
  • C17: Storage Shed
    • Encounter: 10 wild Buneary’s (in cages, can be caught automatically)
  • C18: Caged Horse
    • Encounter: 1 wild Ponyta (in cage, can be caught automatically)
  • C19: Throne Room
  • C20: Food Storage
  • C21: Armory
    • Treasure: 23 Pokeballs, 2 Rocket Balls
  • C22: Meeting Room
  • C23: Chieftain’s Room
    • Treasure: Key to room 24
  • C24: Treasure Room
    • Treasure: Pink Scarf (+2 Str for a pokemon), 2 Rocket Balls, 630 pokecoins
  • C25: Submerged Sea Cave
  • C26: Sea Cave
    • Encounter: 1 wild Gyarados (lvl 5)
    • Treasure: TM of Shield (“Harden”)


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