Eldritch Tamers Go!

Part 2: Local Heroes

After dealing with the wild pokemon outbreak during the festival, their dad gives them:

  • each 35 pokecoins and 3 pokeballs

And Professor Oak gives them:

  • 1 Potion
  • 1 Thunderstone

Professor Oak also tells that that, during the confusion, someone, presumably Team Rocket, stole an “Odd Keystone” from the town graveyard. His grandson, Gary, ran off to investigate.

  • Local Heroes
    • The Shopkeeper’s Daughter: chance to catch “Rattatat” (no combat)
    • Boar Hunt: The old gentleman who was being chased by the Poochyena thanks them and gives them each 50 pokecoins, and asks if they would like to go on a “boar hunt” with him. Chance to catch “Swinub” (no combat)
    • Monster in the Closet: Gresgurt (“Sneasel”)
    • Grim News from Mosswood:
      • Goblin Tribes (Wild pokemon infestations)
        • Birdcruncher (“Totodile”)
        • Licktoad (“Croagunk”)
        • Seventooth (“Snubbull”)
        • Mosswood (“Turtwig”)
        • Thistletop (“Cacnea”)
    • The Missing Bartender:


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